Refund policy

No refunds will be made after applications are received. We will make exceptions based on what is more fair to all parties.

You agree that once the payment is completed, you will not submit a dispute or response against us for any reason. You can always email us and we will make sure to provide the best support. We have been in this business for a while and we make sure that our customers are happy and that is why we have a high rate of repeat customers.

If you file a dispute or response against us after depositing, we reserve the right to terminate all future orders, and prevent you from using our site. We also reserve the right to exclude any services delivered to your clients, Instagram / Youtube / TikTok clients, or other social media account.

Placed orders will not be refunded or canceled after placing them unless the order is not deliverable

Wrong or private account requests will not be eligible for a refund. Make sure to confirm each order before placing it.

During delivery If you delete the post, make the account private, or change the account name, your request is considered completed and we cannot refund the amount paid.

When placing an order on our site, it is not possible to place an order for the same account in another location only after the end of the first request, otherwise one of the requests will be lost, we are not responsible except for our request

Fraudulent activity such as the use of unauthorized or stolen credit cards will result in the termination of your account. There are no exceptions

Pornography, racism, and offensive accounts of religions cannot be supported. If an application that includes these practices is created, the request will be suspended and considered complete, and the amount paid cannot be recovered.